Port of Aarhus
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Port of Aarhus

Aarhus Havn is the largest container port in Denmark, handling more than 65% of country’s container traffic. The port of Aarhus has 6 terminals, a large industrial area and a ferry terminal serving 2,000,000 passengers anualy. Aarhus Havn is in the middle of a transitioning process of growth and ambition. An optimized wayfinding system is needed for existing and new to be developed areas.

Studiostaak executed an expert walkthrough and proposed a new system that:
• Improves the findability of terminals, warehouses, warfs and companies;
• Provides an international system that guides native AND non-danish/english speaking users;
• Creates a pleasant and hospitable environment for all first time and regular users.
Hence, a future-proof wayfindingsystem that fits the long-term ambition of Aarhus Havn.


Aarhus Havn


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