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Amsterdam Ferries

The Amsterdam ferries (by GVB) provide nine daily ferry services across the IJ and Noordzeekanaal. On a yearly basis GVB transports up to 24 million passengers over water. Studiostaak is assigned to improve the quality of travel information and findability of the ferries for national


Cyclist Wayfinding NL

The Netherlands is famous for cycling. Dedicated paths, traffic lights and bicycle signage are integrated into every dutch logistic landscape. Governments are more and more discovering the cycling advantages related to health, sustainability and city access. The Dutch Signage Union (NBd) faced two important trends:


City of Amsterdam Parking

Together with XML Architects and identity designer Alfons Hooikaas, Studiostaak developed a visual identity and signage Toolkit for all City of Amsterdam Parkings. The pilot garage within this project is P1 Amsterdam Arena. The toolkit covers 7 layers: from cleaning up the building to architectural


Assen railway station

Within the development process of the new capital train station of Drenthe Province, Studiostaak facilitated a series of Wayfinding workshops. The main goal of these workshops was to create a shared vision and ambition by all partners: Gemeente Assen, OV bureau Drenthe, ProRail, NS, Qbuzz and


Dynamic Travel Information

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