National Museum of Glass
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National Museum of Glass

The National Museum of Glass in Leerdam – the city of glass – covers two venues: the Glass Studio and the Museum of Glass. The Studio continuously provides demonstrations and houses artists and designers who experiment with glass. The Museum captures the biggest National collection of Dutch glass from 1880 to date. Historical as well as experimental exhibitions by contemporary artists are showcased. Over more than 10.000 glass objects are permanently exhibited in the ‘Open Depot’.

The indoor wayfinding system at the two venues as well as the outdoor wayfinding system of Leerdam, which connects all of its city highlights, currently does not match the ambition and potential of the National Museum and it’s surroundings.

Studiostaak was asked to write a plan of action how to create a world class indoor and outdoor wayfinding system that completes the experience of all national and international visitors.


Nationaal Glasmuseum, 2015


Glass Studio, Ondra Novotný by Ben Deiman Museum of Glass by Jeroen Musch


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