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Studiostaak is a company specializing in wayfinding: the art and science of helping people find their way in public spaces, parks, transportation systems…the world we live in.

We make complex environments accessible and complicated information beautiful and simple.

The world of wayfinding

Studiostaak invites you to our world, a place where world-class wayfinding is developed for you and your visitors. Together with a team of experts, custom tailored to your project, we design beautiful and effective wayfinding systems.

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Marieke Stakenburg, MSc.

Marieke Stakenburg is the founder of Studiostaak. She studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. After her graduation she worked for many years as a wayfinding expert and senior project manager at Mijksenaar, an international company specializing in wayfinding design. In the summer of 2014 she established Studiostaak.

All projects up to 2014 are developed as part of a Mijksenaar team.

© Photography by Cesar Julian, fotolinked

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