Cyclist Wayfinding NL
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Cyclist Wayfinding NL

The Netherlands is famous for cycling. Dedicated paths, traffic lights and bicycle signage are integrated into every dutch logistic landscape. Governments are more and more discovering the cycling advantages related to health, sustainability and city access. The Dutch Signage Union (NBd) faced two important trends: The amount of people using their bike as main transportation is growing and cyclists are moving faster (by e-bikes and speed pedelecs). This shift in usage and speed asks for a new signage design which is quickly to read and easy to understand. Studiostaak together with BikeMinded proposed a color coded system, network map and route diagram for the national cyclist signage. Together with the NBd a wayfinding pilot took place in the city of Eindhoven. With great succes! Users experienced many advantages by using the new system and color coding will be added on all Dutch bicycle highway signs. The full system for the city of Eindhoven will be realised 2020/2021.


City of Eindhoven


Studiostaak + Bikeminded + NBd


Public transport